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a mad dash through the minor prophets.








the silver gig.
my 25th anniversary CD

sacred harp suite.
meditations on a classic american songbook

50 days, 50 songs: a musical feast

keeping the cart before the horse.
a provocative lesson on the heart and the wallet

memoirs of an amnesiac.
delightful musings from an off-the-wall composer

a musical offering.
the strange recipe for a sunday morning instrumental

killer music.
my score for sea world's shamu show, and the story behind it

some clips from my first solo CD


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Catherine's church family has a summer retreat every year, camp for grown-ups. They always ask for ideas for their morning sessions, so I suggested that I do a tour of the Minor Prophets — all twelve, in 45 minutes. They took me up on it (partially, in the words of one committee member, just to see if it could be accomplished), and off I went, doing something I've been gifted to do, and haven't done in way too long: speaking the truth to a loving family of listeners, getting them to laugh and think and question. I was predictably rusty, but loved every minute of preparing and delivering it, 45 minutes of a tall cold drink of water to a man on a desert journey.


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