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DAILY - my journal

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MUSIC - it's my career

coming eventz.
a calendar of my performing life
my first solo cd
we 3 kings.
the protagonists' christmas cd
killer music.
my score for sea world's shamu show, and the story behind it
a musical offering.
the strange recipe for a sunday morning instrumental
mad skills.
bbbbarry thRoWz U sOmE dEeP hOuSe
fast hannah.
a preliminary bit of blizz blazz
my silent film score
50 days, 50 songs: a musical feast
sacred harp suite.
meditations on a classic american songbook
the silver gig.
my 25th anniversary CD
silver gig notes.
more about each piece on the CD


TALES - snippets from interesting writings

father brown mysteries.
ever heard of England's second favorite detective?
they're made out of meat.
a famous — and wonderfully clever — dialog between aliens
heaven's code name is HELLO.
what the angelic welcoming committee really says
the paparazzi of plato.
an ancient dialog on the pursuit of celebrity
poetry slam.
some of my favorite poets, and poetry of my own
anna k.
a few luminous passages that show you why it's a certified Great Book
sex & suits.
anne hollander talks about why the man's suit has lasted 200 years
the woods, the beach, the court, the fire.
powerful words from a modern master of the sunday sermon
memoirs of an amnesiac.
delightful musings from an off-the-wall composer
keeping the cart behind the horse.
a provocative sunday school lesson on the heart and the wallet
made of this.
the level of every day's most quiet need
god's secretaries.
insights into the making of the king james bible



things i did in...
11 | 10 | 09 | 08 | 07 | 06 | 05 | 04 | 03 | 02 | 01 | 2000 | 99 | 98 | 97
the inexplicably fascinating series of recollections that sum up my questionable life
the christian calendar.
a series of articles I did for the literary/arts journal communiqué
in people.
excerpts from an ongoing conversation with my friends
observations on what my life is going to be like
the sceptered isle.
diaries from my adventure in sunny england
send my roots rain.
another communiqué article, on gerard manley hopkins's life & poetry
hedonist's delight.
a nice newspaper review of my music
southern crossing.
moments from my whirlwind tour of points below the equator
a painting i painted
go east.
tales from my trip to inscrutable china
120 days in the valley.
diaries from my cancer journey
how love conquers it all.
a conversation with 'dead man walking' composer jake heggie, in communiqué
the face of love.
excerpts from and thoughts on 'dead man'
engagement pictures.
she said yes.
land of smiles.
tall tales from our thai honeymoon
a man, a woman, no plan.
beautiful days in the mountains of panama
anniversary waltz.
a perfect month in vienna
meet greta.
introducing our daughter
more greta.
pictures of the girl you can't get enough of


COOL STUFF - miscellaneous articles of interest

the grand building of much talk.
in which poetry is gained in the translation
bring out the GIMPS.
how a 19-yr-old kid wound up discovering a mersenne prime, and what it means
updated 4-25-2000
an essay on my fascination with linguistic symmetry
the priest gene.
certain things do run in the family, after all
bow ties.
why the real ones that you tie are sexier, and how to do it
the goddess dream.
one of my many adventures in the world of dreams
post- modernism.
you've heard it talked about, but what is it, and what do we do with it?
emails from GOD.
some correctives to righteous fwds
light reading.
gleaned from my webwide roamings
heil america.
what's wrong with the pledge of allegiance
meet rucker.
a hot-off-the-press aria from a new american opera
the defense rests.
an original art work celebrates my dad's career
a photo essay on their splendid naked fractality